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Home Dynamix Flooring: Madison Vinyl Tile: 6T0107-D Woodtone

Manufacturer: Home Dynamix Tiles
Collection: Madison Vinyl Tiles
Stylsee more...e: Madison Vinyl Tile: 6T0107-D
Specs: Vinyl - 2.0 mm thick. Registered Embossed.

Inspired by centuries of fine craftsmanship and beauty, Home Dynamix has brought the tradition and elegance of decorative flooring to affordable 12"x12" self-adhesive floor tiles.

Now you too can afford the look of desirable flooring at a fraction of the cost. And the upkeep is easy. No buffing or waxing or stains! Each tile is attractively embossed and made of 2.0 mm heavy duty vinyl for durability. Its no wax finish makes spills a snap to clean up.

12"x12" self-adhesive floor tiles

1 box (9 pcs) = 9 Square ft
5 boxes (45 pcs) = 45 Square ft
10 boxes (90 pcs) = 90 Square ft

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